The 12x Content Maximizer FREE Beta Test

  • DAY #1

    The mistakes you're making with your content and what to create so that you can attract leads and clients with your content going forward.

  • DAY #2

  • Day #3

By the end of this Beta Test

you'll have:

A Personalized Video Template 

And...not just any video that makes it EASY to repurpose.  You'll be able to take one video and turn it into 4 - 5 videos that you can use to amplify your message.

Be Able to Go Live Comfortably

We share strategies to help you show up and be more confident on camera, which helps to build a connection and position you as a trusted expert.

A Simple Step by Step System to  12x Your Content  

With the right content, you'll show up everywhere, reach more people, build a connection and lead them to your coaching practice.

But above all else...

The 12x Content Maximizer Beta Test gives you a simple yet powerful content creation system that helps you show up everywhere easily and build your audience so that you can consistently fill your coaching practice with clients.


Kristen's Content Creation and Marketing strategies keeps my practice full of clients!


It's helped me to grow my practice every single year and I've been able to raise my prices and have a waiting list of clients wanting to work with me.


TODD CREAGER, Orange County Marriage Therapist & Coach

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