Get Your Website 

After 9+ years of creating hundreds of website with my team, I wanted to share what we’ve discovered. We’ve pulled together the website essentials to help you decide what you want to include and what you can leave behind. 


Whether you’re ready to update or launch an entirely brand new site, my hope is that you’ll use this checklist to guide you.

  • You’ve got 3-7 seconds to make an impression.  The Checklist shows you what you need to convert more visitors into leads 

  • What should you include in your navigation: How to lessen confusion and overwhelm which may end up causing your visitors to jump ship rather than getting to know more about how you can help them.

  • How to keep visitors on your site longer.

  • Copy Tips:  Whether it is your blog, a services page or your about page you can use these tips to help make sure your copy is tip top.  

And much, much more...we've compiled a list of 8 key areas you need to audit on your site and how to do it in this handy checklist!